Although all businesses rely heavily on their electricity, water, sewer/effluent, refuse and property rates services, it does not mean that they should be overcharged for it. Every council has their own set of by-laws and structures. Municipalities make it difficult for consumers to understand the billing structures and how to reduce costs. Unfortunately, councils adopt a policy of “Pay now, query later”.

Even if you identify issues, if the full amount is not paid, chances are that you could be disconnected. We work closely with members of council and have built solid relationships with national municipalities, enabling us to deliver a risk-free utility management service to our clients.

We offer a contingency-based service, therefore if we don’t achieve savings, you will not be billed. In order for us to conduct a utility cost analysis, we require a 2-page signed Letter of Authority and 12 months (as per your most recent) utility bills.

Our analysts will then begin the analysis process which may include site inspections where necessary. Upon completion of the analysis, we will provide a detailed report on our findings for the clients’ consideration.

Once our recommendation/s are approved by the client, a letter will be drafted for the client to sign which gives us authority to interact with the relevant municipality or landlord on the clients’ behalf.

The client controls the entire process as we will not interact with the municipality or landlord in question without written consent. Only once savings or refunds are secured and reflect on the clients’ municipal or landlord bill will Energy Management SA invoice the client. Invoices are based on actual savings monthly or once-off refunds.

Over the years we have helped top JSE listed companies to improve their bottom line. We have achieved savings in excess of R 300 million with an average saving of between 10% and 18% on their utility bills. Energy Management SA truly believes that we can assist every business in South Africa. We look forward to establishing a long and mutually beneficial relationship with your organisation.


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