JOHANNESBURG – The South African government is preparing for the worst this winter as South Africa will certainly experience Stage 8 load shedding.

This means up to 12 hours of no electricity in once day.

Eyewitness News understands this is part of the projections put forward by Electricity Minister Ksogientsho Ramokgopa before Cabinet on Wednesday.

Word is three possible load shedding scenarios for the winter have been explored – with the shedding of 16,000 megawatts leaving South Africa perpetually on Stage 5 being the best scenario and 16,000 megawatts on Stage 6 and 18,000 megawatts resulting in Stage 8.

South Africa’s power woes are likely to worsen this winter – causing an even more devastating blow to an already ailing economy.

This could possibly see over 800,000 jobs shed.

Insiders have toldEyewitness News while the national energy crisis committee will meet on Thursday night and come up with targets aimed at cushioning the country, it’s pointless as Ramokgopa has no legal powers to see that vision through.

Ramokgopa is already in a time crunch. With winter already setting in, he finds himself at the centre of a power battle that has pitted two of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s powerful allies Gwede Mantashe and Pravin Gordhan against each other.

In order for the electricity minister to make headway – he will need to obtain some powers from both ministers.

This is likely to form the proxy battle at the African National Comngress’ national executive committee meeting this weekend

Source: Eyewitness News