Over the last 35 years Energy Management SA has assisted organisations throughout South Africa to take control of their monthly utility bills. Utility providers are notorious for constantly making numerous errors when it comes to billing and Energy Management SA has the expertise to identify discrepancies on essential services and rectifying them with council on the client’s behalf, saving them unnecessary costs and time.

Although all businesses rely heavily on their electricity, water, sewer, refuse and rates services, it does not mean that they should be overcharged for it. We work closely with members of council and have built solid relationships with national municipalities over the years, enabling us to deliver a risk-free utility management service to our clients.

Businesses can see the benefit of our services immediately. Our analysts scrutinise the utility bill in question at
no cost and thereafter, if discrepancies are identified a detailed outline of recommendations is provided. We uncover saving opportunities through the relevant municipality and only once it reflects on the client’s utility bill, can an Energy Management invoice be generated.

Over the years we have helped top JSE listed companies to improve their bottom line. Savings in excess of R80 million were recorded in the Telecommunications industry, and within the Steel industry a total of R35 million. Energy Management SA is an energy partner to large organisations throughout South Africa where an average utility cost reduction of between 9% and 18% was secured for satisfied clients over their contract period.