We offer numerous demand side management solutions including LED Lighting, occupancy sensors, generator supply and maintenance, solar PV, power factor correction, online metering, UPS and fluorescent crushing.

We offer the following solutions:

LED Lighting

We offer a free lighting audit of your existing technology, followed by a report recommending various LED lighting solutions to suit your company needs. We can supply only or supply and install the products.  As part of the audit, current lighting levels will be measured and compared to the OHSA Minimum average values of maintained illuminance. Should these levels be too low, recommendations will be made to ensure compliance to the Act.

Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors are often used in indoor spaces to control electric lighting. If no motion is detected, it is assumed that the space is empty, and thus does not need to be lit. Turning off the lights in such circumstances can save substantial amounts of energy.

Solar PV

Solar energy is a safe and environmentally friendly solution with no emissions. We can partner with you to run a solar energy project and reduce your carbon footprint.

Given the recent trend of rising cost of grid-supplied electricity compared to the falling costs of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) installed cost, the PV industry in South Africa is on the cusp of a rapid evolution. The commercial sector could be a strong driver of this industry, being equipped and motivated to capitalise on the savings that PV can offer.

However, on account of variations in their electricity demand, tariff structure, time of use, and access to funds, an investment in PV will be justifiable by different businesses at different times.

Offices and distribution centres are identified as strong candidates for the early adoption of PV. Most business owners and managers believe that PV is already worth considering for their companies. We can assist in determining a case for Solar PV based on a justifiable ROI and long-term savings strategy.

Power Factor Correction

We supply, install and maintain Power Factor correction equipment which will ensure optimisation and efficiency of your power usage, thereby decreasing your demand (kVA) and increasing available capacity. We can tailor the manufacturing of power factor correction panels to make sure you are utilising power in the most efficient way for your business.