Residents in various areas reported power outages that extended beyond scheduled load shedding hours after heavy rainfall and flooding across the province on Tuesday night.

JOHANNESBURG – Johannesburg City Power said that the restoration of power to areas affected by outages across the city would be delayed on Wednesday, due to inadequate resources and heavy rainfall overnight.

Residents across Joburg reported outages beyond scheduled load shedding hours before and after Tuesday night’s thunderstorms.

Some areas in Gauteng saw unexpected flooding that damaged a large number of substations City Power said.

City Power’s Isaac Mangena said technicians were prioritising the bigger substations.

“The Roosevelt, Parkhurst and even Forest Town substations are off, as a result of equipment failure that emanates from the wet weather. Another team has been dispatched to Roosevelt substation.

“However, due to the inadequate resources, our operators will only attend to the outage at Parkhurst after restoring either Roosevelt and] Forest Town, and ensuring that they [resolve] the problems there.”

However, Mangena said that rainfall, alongside power outages, slowed down the repairs.

“We have delays in terms of the repairs, in terms of the location of the fault, and also ensuring that we restore power to the affected areas.

“Some of the areas will be affected by the load shedding that is billed for between 8am and 10am this morning, which means we may have problems in terms of dealing with some of the equipment failures in the areas.”

Source: Eyewitness News