Kids Haven enlisted the services of Energy Management SA in July 2017 to conduct a full analysis of our utility invoices at all our sites. Kids Haven enlisted EMSA’s service since there was no risk or upfront charges. The audit and implementation process was conducted as part of a pro-bono project to assist Kids Haven in reducing its annual utilities expenditure. The analysis conducted resulted in various recommendations which are yielding savings as listed below:
Electricity: R 2 900 Annual Savings (Secured)
Water: R 7 000 Annual Savings (Secured)
Property Rates & Taxes: R 62 342.92 Refund (Secured) & R 187 000 Annual Savings (Secured)
Refuse: R29 000 Annual Savings (In progress)
The total savings amount to R 225 900 going forward and R 62 342.92 retrospectively.”
Mrs Susan Daly – Executive Management Team and Coordinator: Fundraising